Our Mission

We're in this together.

When we say we are an association for all independent auto dealers, we mean it. We are dedicated to building an inclusive association that welcomes and supports all of the diverse voices within our industry.

An industry of diverse voices will only be as strong as the people who participate in it. We are committed in working collaboratively with our members, advisors, industry leaders, and state agencies in developing and communicating new ideas, introducing new methodologies, and implementing successful policies to help move our industry forward.

Our mission centers around three pillars of responsibility in serving Washington State independent auto dealers: support, education, and representation.

We carry out our mission by:

  • Supporting and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within our association and for all independent auto dealers across Washington State.
  • Collaborating with our members, industry professionals, and state agencies in developing new methodologies to improve processes.
  • Building upon and promoting productive and beneficial legislation that supports the continued success of the independent auto dealer.
  • Advocating and encouraging well-grounded business principles and values that uphold state and federal rules and regulations.
  • Supporting the independent auto dealer in their commitment in operating their business with transparent and honest business policies and practices.
  • Providing high quality auto dealer education that fosters and enhances the independent auto dealer's knowledge in this challenging industry.
  • Representing and assisting the independent auto dealer in all matters of general interest.

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Diversity + Equity + Inclusion

More than just an initiative. It's central to our mission.

We align our diversity, equity, & inclusion commitment around the three pillars of our mission of support, education, and representation.

Our diversity and inclusion initiative is our promise to carry out our commitments, actions, and policies so that we can build an industry where all members are treated fairly and have equal opportunity for success. We understand that a diverse and inclusive membership association welcomes, respects, supports, and values the unique perspectives, ideas, and experiences of all members and we pledge to uphold these standards.

We've adopted a broader definition of diversity that goes beyond supporting our differences in race, color, ethnicity, nationality, gender, physical ability, and learning styles. Our definition of diversity also includes welcoming the many diverse ideas, perspectives, and values that each member brings to our association and are fundamental to our mission.

Having a diverse set of perspectives will help generate creative ideas that will serve as the foundation for solving complex problems within our industry. A diverse set of ideas will fuel innovation and propel our industry forward.

We embrace the shared commitment for equity: The guarantee of fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all while striving to identify and eliminate systematic barriers that have prevented the full participation of some groups.

We will advocate for systems and programs that are fair and unbiased and deliver equitable outcomes for all of our members as well as removing systematic barriers that obstructs veteran-owned, women-owned, minority-owned, and other underrepresented populations from succeeding.

Inclusion makes us stronger as an association and as an industry. All of our members will feel welcomed, respected, supported, valued, and able to fully participate. We will advocate for the inclusion of underrepresented individuals in processes, activities, and policy making to allow for equal access to resources and opportunities for growth.

All ideas, opinions, and values will be welcomed and encouraged in an inclusive and accepting environment that celebrates differences and demonstrates respect for all members as we work together toward a common goal.