Frequently Asked Questions for Our New Dealer Education Class

Who is required to complete the education?

8 hours of new dealer education is required as part of the process in becoming an independent auto dealer in WA State. Only one business owner is required to complete the 8 hours of new dealer education even if there will be multiple owners for the business. The business owner who completes the new dealer education must be listed as an owner on the Business License Application.

Do I have to take a live class, or can I complete the education online at my own pace?

You are required to take a live class for the new dealer education; however, WA State allows for the live class to be taught through an online platform. We offer the new dealer education class every two weeks, and our class is a 1-day virtual class taught through Zoom from 9am to 5pm.

Can we have multiple business owners attend the new dealer education class?

Yes, we allow multiple business owners attend the new dealer education class without paying an additional fee. You do need to give us a call and let us know the name(s) of the additional participants prior to class. However, the new dealer education certificate will only be issued to the business owner who originally registered for the class.

How long is the new dealer education certificate valid for?

Upon completion of the new dealer education class, you will receive a new dealer education certificate.

What are the other requirements to become a licensed auto dealer in WA State?

The other requirements, in addition to the new dealer education, include submitting a Business License Application, a Vehicle Dealer/Manufacturer Addendum, Financial/Source of Funds Statement, Criminal History Statement, and a copy of your property tax statement or your rental or lease agreement. You are required to obtain a $30,000 surety bond and comply with all site requirements for motor vehicle dealers. For more detailed information, visit How to Get Your Auto Dealer's License.

What type of building site must I have?

Your business site must be located on a commercial property with an enclosed building and comply with all applicable building codes, zoning, and other land-use ordinances.

Can I get a refund if I registered for a class but I am unable to attend the class?

Yes, we will issue a full refund upon written notice; however, we will only issue a refund if it is requested prior to receiving our educational materials. Our educational materials will be sent approximately 4 days before the scheduled class.

I cannot attend the class I signed up for. Can I reschedule?

Yes, we would be happy to reschedule you for a different day without an additional fee. Please give us a call at (509) 220-5530 to reschedule.

How can I sign up for your new dealer education class?

To register for one of our new dealer education classes and for more information on our classes, visit Sign up for a New Dealer Education Class.