Auto Dealer in Vancouver, WA

How Do I Become an Independent Auto Dealer?

Becoming an independent auto dealer requires dedication, planning, and a commitment to abide by our industry rules and regulations. Our new dealer education class, created by experienced independent auto dealers for independent auto dealers, satisfies the mandatory 8 hours of initial education required by the Department of Licensing. Our class provides the training needed to establish, operate, and grow your new dealership and is the first step in becoming an independent auto dealer. 

Do Auto Dealers Need Continuing Education?

Yes, auto dealers need 5 hours of continuing education to renew their auto dealer license. Our continuing education can help auto dealers stay informed of industry trends, market changes, and emerging technology so they can adapt their business practices while staying in compliance with our laws. Our independent auto dealer continuing education will provide valuable information and the 5-hour credits needed to renew an auto dealer’s license. Our continuing education course includes topics such as:

  • Industry Best Practices
  • New State and Federal Legislation
  • Recent Regulatory Actions
  • Staying in Compliance with Laws

Contact Independent Dealers Education Association

If you are interested in becoming an independent auto dealer or renewing your auto dealer’s license in Vancouver, WA, Independent Dealers Education Association can help you. We are committed to working with our members, advisors, industry leaders, and state agencies to develop new ideas and processes to help move our industry forward. We are dedicated to building an inclusive association that welcomes everyone in our industry. To learn more about us, call us at (509) 220-5530 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..