Dealer License WA in Vancouver, WA

Dealer License in WA State: Exploring Additional Opportunities

In Vancouver, WA, dealer licenses offer a wide range of privileges, including the ability to participate in wholesale activities, provide leasing services, conduct consignment sales, offer specialty vehicle sales, expand into e-commerce, and more. Acquiring a dealer license can serve as a fundamental step towards building a profitable business while serving our communities.

Dealer License Requirements in WA State

Dealer licenses in WA State require a business location, a business sign, a phone line, submitting business entity paperwork, completing our 8-hour new dealer education class, completing and submitting the business license application, submitting a source of funds statement and personal/criminal history statement, signing up for the required E-permits, and obtaining a $30,000 surety bond. Only one business owner is required to complete the 8 hours of new dealer education. Our new dealer education class will help you learn how to establish, operate, and grow your business.

Contact IDEA For More Information About Obtaining a Dealer License in WA State

If you are working on getting a WA State dealer license to operate in Vancouver, WA, Independent Dealers Education Association can help you. We support the WA State independent auto dealer’s commitment in operating their business with transparent and honest business policies and practices. We collaborate with our members, advisors, industry experts, and state agencies to develop new ideas, design engaging educational content, and improve operational processes to help drive our industry forward. To learn more about us, call us at (509) 220-5530 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..